Peer Support

Ashley Swyck

Since 2014, Ashley Swyck has worked to build the SCONA Peer Support Program into something truly wonderful. Her efforts have produced a safe space for Edmonton seniors to find friendship and support among a group of peers who are committed to helping break the social isolation experienced by many seniors.


SCONA Peer Support volunteers are friends from your own generation who you can to talk to when you are feeling especially lonely.

They are someone to travel with you down memory lane, or join you for some fun at the SCONA Seniors Center when you are ready.


Our Peer Support volunteers are knowledgeable and can help direct you to the resources you need.

  • Introducing you to outreach workers for help with Government forms
  • Problem solving
  • Support during a difficult time
  • Finding help within the community
  • A Friendly phone call once per month
We're just a phone call away
To learn more or talk to a peer
 please call: 780-433-5377